The Beacon Church

A Bible believing church serving the wider Hebden Bridge area

Why do you put so much emphasis on the Bible?

We believe the Bible is 100% true from Genesis 1 v1 through to Revelation 22 v 21, and the final authority in its completeness on all matters of faith. We believe it is the very voice of God. "When God's Word is being preached, you're not merely recieving information about God. God Himself is addressing you through His Word" Jeff Purswell

How do you become a Christian?

We need to realise there is nothing we can do and throw ourselves on the mercy of God. It is God who saves, but to help it is a good idea to think of becoming a Christian as simple as ABCD

A - Admit you are a sinner and have offended the Holy God. and you as a result of that sin are going to hell.

B - Believe that Jesus took the punishment for your sin when He died on the cross, and that he had to die, because there was no other way to take away that deserved and just punishment.

C - Confess, tell God you are a sinner and that you need respond to His gospel and to trust Him and Him alone to save you.

D - Do something about it, tell your friends, family and others, get into a good Bible believing church, who will support you, get into the Bible, let God speak to you. Stop doing things your own way and start following God's way.

"If you believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord and confess with your mouth that God raised Him from the dead, then you will saved!" Romans 10 v 9

Do you expect others to have the same beliefs as you to come to your church?


Anyone and everyone is welcome to worship with us we do not have a 'closed door' neither are we afraid of debate, but those who wish to join us as members or workers would need to agree with our statement of faith, and constitution. 

What do you mean by evangelical?

We believe passionately in reaching out to our friends and community to share the truth of the gospel as found in the Word of God. We also hold to the traditional beliefs of the free evangelical churches:

  • We are devoted to the Bible as God's word;
  • We hold to the centrality of the cross of Christ in teaching and preaching;
  • We believe in the mission of God through, care, support, evangelism and missionary works;
  • He hold to the conviction that each person must turn from their sin, believe in the saving work of Christ, and commit themselves to a life of discipleship and service.
  • We actively serve God in his mission of redeeming the world, and particularly in the proclamation of the gospel.
  • We gladly partner with other Christians who hold these concerns, regardless of denominational stripe, in work to advance the Kingdom of God.

Are you charismatic of reformed?

The answer is both...

We hold reformed doctrines and biblical truth dear to our hearts and we believe in the biblical use of all spiritual gifts both supernatural and natural and encourage their use within the teachings and guidelines of the New Testament. We do not believe, despite the many abuses, that the Holy Spirit’s work has changed or has ceased, and if the church in Acts needed His gifts we certainly need them today. We class ourselves as a continuationist church, this means we are open to The Holy Spirit acting in people's lives as he sees fit, we do not believe that the gifts are dependent on a particular worship style or can be harnessed by a particular methodology. We do believe that the Holy Spirit gives and takes His gifts according to the needs of the church and are for the building up of the church. We do reject unbiblical excesses found in some worship styles and also we struggle with the total rejection of supernatural gifting, as we see instructions for their use within the church clearly written in the bible.


HOWEVER we welcome anyone who disagrees with us on these points to worship with us as we believe our unity is not based on worship style but on the fundamental truths of scripture.

What is your point of view on the creation vs evolution thing?

We hold to and teach the Biblical 6-day creationist point of view and consider the Genesis account compatible with the scientific facts and historically accurate, as are all the events recorded in the Old and New Testament.

Positive Alternative

As a church we believe that Christ has much more to offer! So we promote the idea of the positive alternative. Practically this means that we promote a healthy, drug and alcohol free lifestyle, we encourage the use of Christian alternatives to music styles and trends, we support community service in the name of Christ for the sake of the Gospel, we promote a no dating culture amongst our young people, we value purity and honesty, and we encourage our people to live out their faith on a daily real basis. Christianity is not just for Sundays and Wednesday night.

Having said this we realise that some of these areas are 'grey areas' and we are not tyrannical about them, we welcome discussion and debate and would never force our views on anyone, we believe that it is the Bible and The Holy Spirit who applies these standards to our lives and God will challenge those whom He will.